Thanks to its previous concept with numerous cultural events since 2011 up to now, in its 10 years of existence, Youngmasters has established itself as the most attractive summer school in the region. Proven to be interesting to students from many different countries, it brings together lecturers and young musicians of international reputation.

This August Samobor will be filled with sounds as many as 8 instruments: guitar, saxophone, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, flute and viola. Although, this year, Samobor won’t be the only location for educational content or concert activities of Youngmasters. With a guitar masterclass in Vodice, we will connect ourselves with the south, and we will also present concerts in Varaždin, Zagreb and Sveta Nedelja.

We would also like to remind you that, to the joy of young opera singers from all over the region, two years ago we have started one of our newest programs – the Youngmasters voice program. We have always strived to host eminent European pedagogues and Youngmasters 2020. was fully dedicated to opera singing, with the seminar held by the eminent Viennese pedagogue Claudia Visca, with whom we are continuing our cooperation.

From the very beginnings of Youngmasters we have developed two basic models – the summer classes and masterclasses. Summer classes are primarily intended for elementary and high school students who wish to perfect their skills, work on new repertoire, experience playing in an ensemble or small chamber ensembles.  Masterclasses are intended fot students with a high level of playing and singing skills on a competitive level and students and professional musicians.
The diversity of Youngmasters lays not only in the choice of instruments but also in the expert, artistic and educational facilities offered to the participants and their teachers. Masterclasses have thus become .an integral part of Youngmasters, and through forums and debates, our lecturers and participants can share experiences and discuss current topics related to music and education.

It has long been recognized that our summer school pays great attention to ensemble music-making. This year, however, only previously formed independent ensembles with a pre-prepared program will be able to apply for the chamber music masterclass. Unfortunately, due to measures for protection against the possibility of coronavirus infection, in 2021 there will be no summer orchestra or ensembles formed by participants who have applied for an individual program at Youngmasters.

For the interested participants, we have therefore prepared a supplementary project in a new educational format. This year it will be the music criticism workshop under the mentorship of the musicologist and communicologist Karmen Širović. As a member of the Youngmasters team, she gave her contribution to the Festival in its most productive seasons – in  2015 and 2016.

In the tradition of the International Summer School of Young Musiciansthere is the concert activity of its students, lecturers and guests. Youngmasters music students and participants have the opportunity to discover new acoustic and inspiring locations to perform and gain invaluable concert performance experience. The Youngmasters Festival, an inseparable part of the summer school, will offer this year several recitals in which the dominating instrument will be the guitar since the story of Youngmasters started with guitars ten years ago. In addition to the awarded artists from the 2nd International Guitar Competition Ida Presti, we will also host the renowned Spanish guitarist Margarita Escarpa, who will hold a concert and a three-day master class.

The Youngmasters Gala concert, the central and most solemn concert of the Festival, will also be the celebratory concert this year. The selected repertoire and top performances of our lecturers and guest artists will give it a golden glow.