Samobor, CROATIA, August the 20th – September the 5th, 2019


Thanks to its previous concept with plenty of cultural events since 2011 up to now, Youngmasters has established itself as the most attractive summer school in this area. Proven interesting to students from many different countries, it brings together lecturers and young musicians of international reputation.

This August Samobor will be filled with sounds of guitar, violin, viola, violoncello, piano, flute, saxophone and clarinet under the artistic leadership of brilliant artists and teachers: Petrit Çeku, Tobias Stosiek, Nataša Veljković, Nenad Merle, Ana Horvat, Tomislav Vukšić, Krešimir Bedek, Lovro Merčep, Pedro Ribeiro Rodrigues, Marco Graziani, Mihael Paar, Marko Zupan, Wladimir Kossjanenko, Olga Cinkoburova and Morana Pešutić.

Every season Youngmasters brings out a new project. To the joy of young opera singers from all over the region this time it  will be the voice mastrclass. So far we have always strived to host the eminent European artists. Therefore our first lecturer of singing will be a great teacher of opera singing from Milan, Anatoli Goussev.

The diversity of Youngmasters lays not only in the choice of instruments, but also in the expert, artistic and educational facilities offered to the participants and their teachers. In addition to the existing methods of teaching, such as individual lessons, chamber and orchestral music,  we offer less demanding program named Summer orchestra. The students of guitar or string instruments who are foremost fond of this form of musical creativity could participate in guitar or string orchestras without necessarilly beeing active participants of any other course or masterclass. Furthermore, we remind you that Youngmasters offers the opportunity to discover new acoustics and inspiring venues. Besides the “short form” concerts with prominent musical artists in the festival’s part of Youngmasters, the students will enjoy in the recital of the winner of Youngmasters Excellent Concert. This abundance of cultural events will be offered to the young musicians, making their sojourn in Samobor completely fulfilled. Eventually, through the final performances, each student themselves will take part in this festival of music celebration.