Here, you can find the following information

  • Locations of the classes
  • Accomodation
  • Lunch
  • About Samobor

Classes will take place in Samobor City at:

  • Mali muzički atelje, Jurjevska 3
  • Music school “Ferdo Livadić” , Trg Matice Hrvatske 3
  • Samobor’s Museum, Livadićeva 7
  • Bunker Youth Centre, Ulica Savke Dabčević Kučar 8
  • Prica Gallery, Trg Matice Hrvatske 6
  • Šver, Šmidhenova 1
  • Choir Jeka, Trg matice Hrvatske 3

The first two locations are situated in a lively street with a view of the Church of St Mary’s Assumption and the Franciscan monastery. They are only a few houses apart. Both locations have practicing rooms.

The Museum of Samobor is very near to the Central Square. It is surrounded by an English park, and alongside the park flows the little river ”Gradna” with picturesque bridges sitting on top. The Livadić Salon is a particularly inspirational place for summer school and masterclass activities. There is another hall, as well as a room on the ground floor available for practicing.

Samoborski muzej
Samobor's Museum
Bunker Youth Centre
Mali Muzički Atelje
Mali muzički atelje
Glazbena Škola Ferdo Livadić Samobor
Music school ``Ferdo Livadić``


For all our participants we have arranged popular accommodation’s prices at the Samobor Hostel:

  • 1 day with breakfast included: 110 kn / 15 euros

View Hostel’s photographs HERE!   
Hostel’s website:


Also, we organize lunch in Samobor’s local restaurant ”Pri staroj vuri”:

  • 1 lunch: 35 kn/ 4,70 euros

It is possible to arrange accommodation and lunch on your own.


“The admirable Samobor! The proximity with the capital gives it charm of near by countryside as Tibur, Tivoli, Versailles, Schönbrunn, Windsor. ..Samobor is the most Croatian town in all Croatia!”
/Words from the the essay of A. G. Matoš – great Croatian poet from the beginning of 20th century/

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Is there any better postcard of a city than the words of a great poet?

Eternal inspiration for painters, poets and musicians, this city close by Zagreb has always been a place of olden, but also new cultural events. Today it is famous for it’s Carneval (which is one of the oldest kinds in this part of Europe), it’s traditional delicacies and sweets (the famous Samobor Kremšnita), and in the past decades for it’s international festival of classical music called Musical Autumn in Samobor (Samobor Music Festival).

To hear classical music, Samobor is the city to go to, but it also has it’s very own sophisticated, educated and grateful audience. That is greatly due to the activity of the state elementary and highschool of the ”Ferdo Livadić” Music School. In August of 2011 and 2012, the building of this school (surrounded by flowers and greenery of the central city park) was the location of the daylong Youngmasters activities. Since last year only one Youngmasters concert is being held in the building of the school, while the teaching of the summer school and masterclasses is placed in several other lively locations in the centre of Samobor.