Youngmasters Voice with Claudia Visca is a workshop for singers first introduced at Youngmasters in September 2019, at the initiative of a young tenor from Zagreb, Matej Predojević Petrić.

The following year, it proved to work succesfully as a separate project, which is a concept we decided to keep for this year’s edition as well. Professor Visca’s seminar will be held from April 10th to 16th, just after the Easter holidays. During the six-day masterclass, Professor Visca will share secrets of top-notch singing with gifted young singers, guide them to develop their vocal abilites, and help them find their personal style and repertoire. In all of this, the singers will be closely monitored by an experienced singing accompanist – Ivan Pernicki. Professional singers and especially vocal pedagogues will have the opportunity to follow the classes together with the participants, thus gathering valuable knowledge and experience from a world-renowned singing pedagogue.

In addition to singing lessons, participants are given the opportunity to be awarded with a performance with the Festival Orchestra at the Youngmasters Gala concert in August this year.

Furthermore, participants are offered a participation in the supplementary project “Voice and Guitar”. It is intended for those who want to expand their repertoire and try their hand at this subtle ensemble, which was popular in the Renaissance, present throughout the classicism and romanticism, and indispensable in the music of the 20th century.

Applications will be open from February 1st to March 1st 2023, or until the places are filled. The number of active participants is limited to 10.

masterclass with Claudia Visca

Josipa Gvozdanić and Gaja Napast with the Festival Orchestra,
Youngmasters Gala Concert 2022