Youngmasters Voice is one of the recent project started by the International Young Musicians
Summer Class. The singing masterclass came to fruition for the first time at the Youngmasters in
September 2019, due to encouragements by the young tenor from Zagreb, Matej Predojević Petrić.
The masterclass was led by the eminent vocal pedagogue from Milano, Italy, Anatoli Goussev. His
unique pedagogical approach to vocal technique thrilled the students, all of whom were either in
their final years of their studies at music academies or young professionals. The five-day masterclass
ended with a gala concert in the Prica Gallery – the audience was thrilled, and the local television,
Televizija Zapad, covered the whole event.
This year's Youngmasters Voice will be host to the distinguished Viennese professor revered by
Croatian singing students, Claudia Visca. The eight-day course will help the young and talented
singers discover various secrets of the art of singing, searching for the ways how to incorporate them
into their current skill set and repertoire. The singers will be supported in their ventures by the
excellent and experienced accompanist and vocal coach – Ivan Pernicki.
Due to professor Visca's busy schedule, the masterclass was planned in February of 2019, in the time
we had no idea how the menace of CoVid19 would change our day-to-day lives and bring the culture
and performing artists into a state of stillness and stagnation. Although many famous festivals have
been cancelled so far, we stongly believe that even in these dire circumstances, we will find a way to
carry out this splendid course entirely. The trust and delight shown of our numerous attendants
through the years are our pledge for the success of this project.