Are you a music student, amateur musician or just an enthusiast for music and the arts?
Become a volunteer at Youngmasters Young Musicians’ Summer Class to learn and have fun with us!


Being a Youngmasters volunteer is both fun and rewarding!

As a Youngmasters volunteer, you will have the unique opportunity to experience the festival from the inside, contribute to its success, learn, and have extraordinary encounters. Working at a festival develops organisational and communication skills while giving you access to world-class musical and educational content. Meeting other volunteers, the organising team and festival participants is an opportunity to make professional contacts, build friendships and get inspired!

Youngmasters grants free entry to all festival events to its volunteers. It is important and the team of YM highly appreciates it. The various roles of volunteers are essential for the smooth functioning of Youngmasters, so we make sure that the experience of our volunteers is enjoyable and fulfilling.


Contact our team to become a volunteer.