Our dear young musicians,
Since its seventh season, Youngmasters has offered a new project that is called Summer Orchestra. It is open to all students whose summer priority is to play in a big ensemble.This summer in Samobor, students who do not necessarily participate in masterclasses or an individual classes of the Youngmasters Summer Class, can also participate in Summer Orchestras.

The Summer Orchestra is particularly refreshing for guitarists, violinists, violists and cellists who have not had the opportunity to participate in the work of such a musical corpus. Thorough work on the orchestral parts and daily reherseals will bring progress to every individual in reading the music as well as progress in instrumental skills.

The guitar and string orchestra will have several performances. A special honor is the performance at the Youngmasters Gala Concert on August 26, 2018 in the Franciscan Church, in the presence of the most successful European musicians, diplomats and reputable representatives of the City and the States of our participants and guests. All members of the Summer Orchestra have access to all educational and Festival events within the Youngmasters program.


  • Davor Kelić, an academic musician conductor


Work programme:

  • a total of 15 classes of section reherseals and orchestral playing
  • free entrance to all the masterclasses and concerts of the Festival
  • participation in the Chamber music at the streets of Samobor
  • performance at the Open Air Concert
  • performance at the Gala Concert
  • diploma on participation in Youngmasters Summer Orchestra



  • You can apply online via link below until 30th of June 2018.
Apply now!