Model A

This year, for the first time, it is possible to apply as a chamber music group for an individual masterclass. It is intended for all who wish to upgrade their chamber music skills with an already formed group, so that they can perfect their repertoire through intensive work based on fresh artistic ideas.

Model B

For the third year in a row, Youngmasters offers young soloists the rare opportunity to achieve experience working with the Samobor String Quartet, in two ways:

a) as a part of the string quintet

b) as a soloist accompanied by the string quartet

The second version is particularly interesting to young guitarists who, throughout their whole musical education, rarely ever get a chance to perform with a string ensemble. It is a unique opportunity to explore the dynamic and coloristic potential of their own instruments in symbiosis with other kinds of string instruments.

Participation in ‘Chamber Music with maestro Petrit Çeku and the Samobor String Quartet’ is aimed at instrumentalists who are mature and experienced enough to recognize this as an extraordinary opportunity of musical upgrade.