Olga Cinkoburova


28th August – 1st September 2019

Olga Cinkoburova was born in Kišinevu, Moldova. She completed her graduate and postgraduate studies at the renowned Russian music academy “Gnessin” in Moscow, where she specialized on the piano. Subsequently, she worked for many years at the Moldavian Academy of Music in Kishinev as a professor of piano and chamber music, where she presided over postgraduate studies and acted as a mentor in several specialist courses.

In 1998. she moved to Croatia where she is presently empolyed as a professor at the Music academy in Split. Her students have won a number of awards at domestic and international competitions of piano and chamber music. She is regularly invited to participate as a jury member in similar competitions and her piano masterclasses are highly valued.

In addition to her significant pedagogical engagement, Olga Cinkoburova has continued to excel in her artisctic career. She has been a frequent soloist with the Moldavian Philharmonic Orchestra, including performances of Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Prokofiev, several of which were broadcast on national radio and television. She has also maintaned a strong presence in chamber music, as best evidenced by her CD recording of selected chamber works by Mendelssohn. Due to her significant contribution to the developemenet of national art, the President of the Republic of Moldova bestowed upon her the honorary title of eminent artist of national importance which also resulted in her appereance in the Moldavian state encyclopedia.

Olga Cinkoburova’s broad repertoire encompasses practically the entire spectrum of chamber music for the piano. As such, she made numerous recording for Croatian Radio and Television, including cycles of D. Pejačević, S. Rachmaninov and D. Shosktakovich. She is also a regular guest of international music festivals and her concert tours have additionally taken her from France, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and Romania all the way to Russia and Ukraine.